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3 Reasons to LOVE Cedar Closets

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Cedar closets

1. Perfect for Pest Control

Image of a moth

The core benefit of installing a cedar closet is that cedar drives bugs away. Moths love to

feast on our clothing, but are deterred by the strong smell of cedar, which acts as citronella would & confuses their pheromone detectors. This is fantastic news for your wardrobe, especially when it comes expensive fabrics like cashmere & wool.

2. Mother Nature’s Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier

If you’re worried about mold & mildew, consider a cedar closet. In hot & humid conditions, fabrics tend to absorb moisture in the air that can lead to mold & mildew. This is detrimental to both your wardrobe & your closet. Cedar acts as a natural dehumidifier, keeping your closet & your clothing fresh & moisture-free!

3. Fragrance for days.

A dog smelling the air

Let’s face it, we love things that smell good! Cedar wood exudes a unique &

pleasant fragrance that creates a warm, homey vibe. Plus, it’s easy to revive the smell of cedar over time with a quick sanding. Added bonus? Cedar’s rich, red color can adapt to a plethora of home styles, making it easy on the eyes for many.


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