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Q&A With Andrew Dawkins

Claudette Greenstein

Mar 30, 2022

Pure Property Group is the connection of his passion with profession. Delivering an integrated service across Construction Management, Property Management & Real Estate.

Andrew Dawkins moved to New York fifteen years ago to further his investment banking career, leaving behind the pristine beaches of Sydney, Australia. For two decades he led dynamic teams at some of the largest global investment banks, specializing in financing, structured solutions, and risk management.

However, Andrew's true passion has always been property, and throughout this time, he has actively invested in domestic and international real estate, and completed renovation projects of all scale, including the Bridgehampton house he resides in.

The launch of Pure Property Group is the connection of his passion with profession. The firm is based on delivering an integrated service across Construction Management, Property Management, Real Estate & Data Analytics. We recently caught up with Andrew.

What motivated you to launch Pure Property Group?

I have always been passionate in all areas of property, and more recent experiences showed that services available to property owners and investors are either disjointed or cost prohibitive. We have seen that more connected solutions deliver better results and have created a 'one-stop shop' that's built to better solve our client's challenges. Our Construction Management delivers client advice and representation for construction projects, whether small or large. Our Property Management service is designed to deliver seamless, end to end solutions with accessible pricing given this can be a year-round, full-time job. Our Real Estate services caters to prospective buyers looking to enter or expand their footprint in the Hamptons, or owners looking to sell their property. Our differentiator is that we have deep local and regional networks and have curated the top property service producers and resources. This ensures our clients have access to the best resources at the right time, and can make well informed, smart property decisions.

What fueled your passion for Property?

My family's move from the city of Sydney to Byron Bay, a beach town at the most easterly tip of Australia, allowed me to see a property market evolve from infancy to the red-hot market it is today. Whilst my family initially purchased a farm, and sold it for a respectful return, the beachfront properties were a whole new level. The importance of quickly identifying and tracking critical shifts such as economic movement, design evolution, and consumer demand has stayed with me, and guided how I evaluate property decisions over the years. I believe the right adviser should be there to simplify this process of assessing all of the factors, understanding the emotional drivers, and being able to help rationalize it. That is what our company does.

What are the benefits of retaining a property manager?

Across the US, property management remains highly fragmented, with very little differentiation, cost transparency, or automation. When we analyzed the Hamptons, we identified that the needs are unique given its concentration of owner-occupied, single-family residential homes. We knew that a traditional "tenant-led' property management model wouldn't truly service the owner's needs, so we adopted a bespoke approach that allows levels of customization based on need. We embedded market-leading technology to enhance communication and streamline the task management process. Retaining a property manager can benefit an owner in many ways such as eliminating tedious tasks, maintaining their house in peak condition, ensuring the house complies with local laws and regulations, and controlling operating costs.

In what way is Community a part of your mission?

We are very proud to be part of this community, and still marvel at how beautiful the area is. When we purchased to become 'all year-round folk' we had an even greater appreciation for how strong and proud the locals are. Our goal is to foster the community further by prioritizing a network that grows local, family-owned and operated businesses, and promote diversity and inclusion. I know there is always more to do and am proud that we have already established a network that reflects diversity.

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